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Dawlish Warren National Nature Reserve
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Important note : dogs are allowed between Groynes 3-9 on the beach but not past Groyne 9 at any time. Site byelaws require visitors to keep dogs on a short lead of no more than 2m whilst inside the nature reserve (behind the sand dunes).

See this useful map for more information on where to walk your dogs and be sure to check the Dawlish Warren Code of Conduct before you set off!

50.597680494733, -3.4428167627677


This is a full loop of Dawlish Warren - there and back again!

Much of this walk is on sand and can be hard going - make sure you are well prepared, have water and appropriate clothing/footwear. 

Check all site notices for up to date information and take particular note of the state of the tide to safely time your walk. It is possible that at high tides you may not be able to walk along (or return by) the beach and you will need to return by an inland route.