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Why has South East Devon Wildlife been set up?

There is proof that a growing population would have an impact on protected wildlife on the three sites. This proof and the extensive research, which underpins our work, can be found in the South East Devon European Site Mitigation Strategy and the Pebblebed Heaths Visitor Management Plan

Working with partners including Natural England, the Pebblebed Heaths Conservation Trust, RSPB, Devon Wildlife Trust and the Exe Estuary Management Partnership, Footprint Ecology and the three Councils established a plan to prevent these impacts. The South East Devon European Site Mitigation Strategy was completed in June 2014 and identified 60 different measures to run over a period of 80 years. The Pebblebed Heaths Visitor Management Plan was completed in 2017 and provides a range of additional measures.

Where does it work?

We work with our partners across internationally important wildlife sites in South East Devon : the East Devon Pebblebed Heaths (known locally as Woodbury Common), the Exe Estuary and Dawlish Warren.

What about the rest of Devon?

The South East Devon Habitat Regulations Executive Committee is a partnership of Exeter City, East Devon and Teignbridge District Councils. The Committee is legally required to make decisions and recommendations across the three authority areas to protect three internationally important conservation sites.

Comprehensive study and research has identified that, without mitigation, these sites might be affected as a result of a growing local population. This is because new residents are very likely to want to visit and make use of the protected sites for recreation in the same way that existing residents do.

Where other protected sites exist in Devon and are potentially affected in the same way, these are cared for by the appropriate Local Authority and their respective partners.

How can I get involved?


Are there any dog friendly locations?


Our aim is not to stop people visiting these special places with their canine companions but to help everyone to understand how to visit in a way which has least impact on their special

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