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An illustration of a person on a jet ski with the title "Exe Personal Water Craft (PWC) Code"

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  • Launch from Mamhead Slipway where possible
  • Avoid voluntary Wildife Refuges when safe to do so: stay away from areas where you may cause disturbance to protected wildlife
  • Keep 200m off shore, away from beaches and residential areas
  • Respect the local Byelaws
  • Read information signs
  • Carry the correct safety equipment on board, including a tow rope, a suitable means of calling for help and wear a personal flotation device and kill cord
  • Ensure you have third party insurance
  • Display your DATATAG ID number on your craft
  • Get trained!


  • Exceed 10 knot speed limit within harbour limits (as defined by charts and buoyage)
  • Leave your vehicles on the beach or on slipways
  • Land anywhere in Dawlish Warren other than designated area
  • Run your engine when out of the water
  • Operate amongst the moorings
  • Go up river from your launch point – use of PWC’s over 10 knots should not be undertaken in the estuary, but should be taken out to sea.

Exe Estuary Navigation Byelaws

Byelaw 4: Do not exceed speed limit as defined by charts and buoyage: 10 knots max.

Byelaw 6: Navigate with due care and attention and with reasonable care for others.

Link to Exeter Port Authority byelaws