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Difficulty: Easy 

50.75000819142, -3.4196906374645


Cranbrook Country park consists of around 30 hectares (and growing) of beautiful, varied habitats and public amenity spaces where a variety of wildlife including kingfishers, bats, ducks, insects and wildflowers can be found. For the most part, dogs can be off-lead, there are also designated areas for dog exercise and BBQ’s.

This walk is consistently flat but with both paved and grassy paths, ensure appropriate footwear is worn. Alternative paved paths are available throughout and there is some roadside walking where dogs need to be kept on leads.

Begin at the train station (here you can find free parking), cross the road and enter the country park via a foot bridge. Head left, past the dog exercise area across the road to eventually reach the orchard. Fork right after passing the orchard and walk around the back of the estate. Take the left track after Dry Close until you reach greenspace. Head left and loop back around to the start of the park, this time approaching from nearer the road.

For a more detailed description and map of the walk see: - Longer Route. Here there are also shorter versions of the walk available.