Exe Personal Water Craft (PWC) Code


  • Launch from Mamhead Slipway where possible
  • Avoid voluntary Wildife Refuges when safe to do so: stay away from areas where you may cause disturbance to protected wildlife
  • Keep 200m off shore, away from beaches and residential areas
  • Respect the local Byelaws
  • Read information signs
  • Carry the correct safety equipment on board, including a tow rope, a suitable means of calling for help and wear a personal flotation device and kill cord
  • Ensure you have third party insurance
  • Display your DATATAG ID number on your craft
  • Get trained!


  • Exceed 10 knot speed limit within harbour limits (as defined by charts and buoyage)
  • Leave your vehicles on the beach or on slipways
  • Land anywhere in Dawlish Warren other than designated area
  • Run your engine when out of the water
  • Operate amongst the moorings
  • Go up river from your launch point – use of PWC’s over 10 knots should not be undertaken in the estuary, but should be taken out to sea.

Exe Estuary Navigation Byelaws

Byelaw 4: Do not exceed speed limit as defined by charts and buoyage: 10 knots max.

Byelaw 6: Navigate with due care and attention and with reasonable care for others.

Link to Exeter Port Authority byelaws

Front cover of the Exe Personal Water Craft (PWC) Code
An aerial photo of the mouth of the Exe Estuary
A photo of a special mark buoy on the water, Exmouth
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