The local Councils of East Devon, Exeter and Teignbridge have a legal duty to prevent impacts from new housing affecting rare, vulnerable and internationally important wildlife.

Studies have shown that leisure use of the Exe Estuary, Dawlish Warren and Pebblebed Heaths is already having a significant effect on wildlife.

In partnership with Natural England, the local Councils have decided that some significant extra impacts are also to be expected from new housing. This is from growing use of these places by new residents for leisure purposes.

Houses within 10 kilometres of these important wildlife sites are likely to have the highest impacts. To allow houses to be built within this zone, projects and plans designed to stop such impacts must be paid for by the house builders.

The three Councils work together in a partnership known as the South East Devon Habitat Regulations Executive Committee. They have designed a strategy of plans and projects which will stop the impacts from happening.

House builders can decide to pay to help deliver this strategy or they can apply to put their own projects and plans in place to stop unwanted impacts.

The Committee is currently made up of Cllr Martin Wrigley, Teignbridge District Council (Chair), Cllr Rachel Sutton, Exeter City Council; and Cllr Geoff Jung, East Devon District Council.

Read more about the Committee.

The constitution for the Committee sets out the rules of how the Committee is run and how meetings are held. The three Councils have allocated all the applicable decision making powers to allow the Committee to operate. Read the constitution and terms of reference

The Committee meet regularly to decide the best ways of delivering the projects in the strategy and to review how/if they are working as intended. They are advised and supported by a delivery manager and group of interested stakeholders.

Together, we help to protect the unique places of the Exe Estuary, Dawlish Warren and the East Devon Pebblebed Heaths for future generations to enjoy.

Partners include: